We believe that:

  • For the majority of investors, a globally diverse portfolio will help them achieve their goals and objectives – Globally diversified portfolios are the cornerstone of our investment proposition.
  • You do not need high charging complicated investments in order to get the best investment returns.
  • Managing your behavior and emotions is crucial.
  • Lifetime and inter-generational wealth can be achieved by investing appropriately at the start, holding the investments for the long term and not reacting to market noise and investment volatility.
  • It is extremely difficult to consistently outperform the market over the long term by trying to pick the next ‘hot sectors’ or ‘hunches’ about what fund will perform well next. This is backed up by the overwhelming majority of research on active and passive investing. Investments are like bars of soap, the more you touch them the less there is at the end.
  • Once your investment portfolio is established, you should be able to ‘look out of the window’ and get on with other more enjoyable aspects of your life.
  • The more frequently you check the value of your investments, the more likely you are to make ‘the big financial mistake’ of buying at high prices and selling at low prices.

Sustainable and Ethical Investing

We can help you align your investments with any ethical or sustainable objectives that you have.

This may mean excluding tobacco or alcohol companies. Or it may mean investing in companies that provide a positive impact to society, such as wind farms or solar panels. It may mean just tilting your portfolio to a greater degree towards those companies who have a greater focus on the environment.

Whatever your ethical or sustainable criteria are, we will help you find a suitable investment that aligns with your views.

What our clients say
Joe has really made a huge difference. We now have a strategy and a plan that I understand. He expertly guided us through our financial review and provided the information and advice that means we have now planned the years ahead.
Mr S Randall

It doesn't grow faster if you stare at it

Warren Buffet