We aren’t concerned with how old you are. We have clients ranging from their twenties to their eighties. We work with people who want to have a plan to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Our clients include:

  • People who have successful careers (or who have previously had successful careers)
  • Successful business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property investors looking to spread their wealth to other areas
  • People who have come into ‘fast money’ e.g. large inheritances, lottery winners, social media influencers etc
  • High Earners

We currently have availability to work with approximately 25 more clients/families.

What are our clients like?

After working with us for a period of time, our clients typically:

  • Have complete peace of mind about their money
  • Think long term, not short term
  • Know when they are likely to reach financial independence (i.e. when they don’t need to rely on earned income anymore)
  • Have thought deeply about what is important to them and have built a financial plan based around this
  • Are invested in a way that aligns with their life goals and objectives
  • Are making the most of life NOW, with the confidence that they can continue to do so in the future
  • Have bullet proof financial plans. Ill health or death won’t ruin theirs or their family’s financial plans
  • Are likely to create significant inter-generational wealth.
  • Are more financially literate than most other people (friends, family, colleagues etc)
  • Understand that the Direction of the stock market cannot be predicted over the short to medium term
  • Will not react during the next temporary market decline. They are well trained and disciplined. Historic declines have always been temporary and the advance has always been permanent
  • Ignore the money sections of the newspapers
  • Know that they will make many important financial decisions in the rest of their life and value having an experienced and highly qualified professional to help with these decisions
  • Do not ‘sweat the small stuff’
What our clients say

Joe immediately put me at ease with his friendly and approachable manner. I trust Joe and his advice, and am confident that our retirement is in safe hands.

I look forward to my annual review meetings, but I also know that Joe is at the end of a phone (or an email) if I have any concerns in the meantime.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Joe to anyone.

Mrs S Quinlan