An idea for those still accumulating their assets

A useful tip for those still accumulating their assets is simply to count how many years you have until you plan to retire and then multiply it by 12. Why is this important? Because it will tell you how many pay checks or monthly investment periods you have left until you retire. This is usually…

Posted by Joe Froud on 27 July 2023

The Gell Mann Amnesia affect.

Have you ever read a newspaper or other media/social media article about a subject that you know really well? The chances are that you found some errors in it or even that you found it misleading. The journalist that wrote the article appears to know little about the facts or issues. In our case, we…

Posted by Joe Froud on 27 July 2023

The problem with some Workplace Pensions

We have noticed a common feature on many workplace pensions commonly referred to as ‘lifestyling’, but different names are sometimes used. Lifestyling is an investment strategy chosen as the default option by many employers, the strategy gradually reduces the level of growth assets in the portfolio as people get closer to their normal retirement age….

Posted by Joe Froud on 25 July 2023

Having the right mindset to be a successful investor

Many people yoyo when they think about their investments. At any moment they will think either ‘this investment is great’ or ‘this investment is terrible’ depending on whether the value of the investment has gone up or down recently. Often this way of thinking is a result of either not understanding or not having full…

Posted by Joe Froud on 24 July 2023

The three types of return we provide.

Investment returns. We believe passionately that our clients have the potential to achieve better investment returns by working with us. By following our investment recommendations and the financial/behavioural coaching that we provide. Potential investment returns is the obvious one, we are financial advisers after all. But there are two other types of return, which are…

Posted by Joe Froud on 7 July 2023

Collecting Investments

When we first start working with people, we often find that they have accumulated a number of different investments and pensions, but there is no clear strategy and they are not really sure what the policies are doing for them. The last thing we would ever is judge them or make them feel silly for…

Posted by Joe Froud on 7 July 2023

How should you invest during a period of high inflation?

This is a question we were asked recently. It is a completely rational question, after all UK inflation was recently at its highest rate in 40 years.   However, it is a question from someone who does not yet fully understand our investment philosophy. It really doesn’t matter whether the question is, “how should I…

Posted by Joe Froud on 6 July 2023

A tip for those investing for retirement

If you are still in the stage of your life where you are accumulating assets for your future, temporary market declines or Stock Market crashes can be seen as a good thing, this is because they enable you to accumulate shares at low prices. The media’s ‘stock market crash’ has historically been the accumulator’s sale,…

Posted by Joe Froud on 6 July 2023

Temporary Stock Market Declines

It is impossible to predict the timing or severity of the next stock market crash (or temporary market decline as we prefer to call them) with any precision. What we can be confident of is that any temporary market decline (bear market) will be followed by a bull market where the capital markets will resume…

Posted by Joe Froud on 8 June 2023

What our clients say

Joe immediately put me at ease with his friendly and approachable manner. I trust Joe and his advice, and am confident that our retirement is in safe hands.

I look forward to my annual review meetings, but I also know that Joe is at the end of a phone (or an email) if I have any concerns in the meantime.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Joe to anyone.

Mrs S Quinlan